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Accelerate the speed of innovation in healthcare with AI solutions, data science and bioinformatics​

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Advance toward curative therapies and precision medicine at scale with AI solutions

Disease prevention, drug discovery and effective treatment development are among the priorities for the healthcare industry. Harness Artificial Intelligence and data science solutions to help bring precision medicine to life, and accelerate research to cure cancer and eliminate preventable health risks. We combine Artificial Intelligence, data science, bioinformatics and software engineering capabilities to help healthcare companies innovate, and provide a better and healthier life with science.
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Bring new drugs to the market much faster
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Gain insights from unstructured data with machine learning
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Increase speed and accuracy of medical research with AI and cloud computing
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Identify treatment options tailored to each and every patient
Predict results based on available data
Restore return on R&D investments to sustainable levels
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Reduce the risk of cancer misdiagnosis
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Detect early signs of diseases for better treatment
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Innovate healthcare solutions across organization

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Overcome existing barriers in healthcare with data, machine learning and cutting edge technologies

Our AI solutions for healthcare and life science

R&D and innovation in healthcare ​

Increase the speed of innovation across organization with AI in custom R&D projects.
  • Rapid innovation for corporations
  • Digitization in healthcare
  • AI and advanced analytics for pharma
  • Dashboards and medical data visualization for scientists

AI Consulting​

Leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in precise medicine to provide a better diagnosis and treatment.
  • AI in drug discovery and development
  • Predictive medicine with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • AI in cancer detection

Microbiome research​

Develop cures for diseases by accelerating microbiome research with AI
  • Biomarkers
  • Function Discovery
  • Microbiome target identification
  • Microbiome signatures

Digital CRO​

Accelerate drug discovery and improve the drug development with Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics
  • Software Engineering
  • Data science & AI

Biomedical imaging​

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • MHC target identification
  • Off-target toxicity prediction
  • TCR-based therapies

Advance toward curative therapies and precision medicine at scale with AI solutions


Future of chemotherapy

Reinvent home chemotherapy with AI and IoT
For patients diagnosed with cancer, the need to stay at hospital for a long time is often the reason NOT to conduct therapy at all. On the other hand, traditional home chemotherapy requires the nurse to spend long hours at the patient’s home, which increases the costs of treatment. We harness IoT and AI technologies in cancer treatment to improve home chemotherapy, while also reducing medical expenses. The solution enables remote monitoring of the patient’s condition and course of treatment, early anomaly detection, and instant patient-oncologist communication.

Artificial Intelligence in cancer detection

Reduce the risk of misdiagnosis in cancer detection with AI

While early cancer detection could help provide better treatment and thus increase chances of recovery, cancer is often misdiagnosed due to its complexity. We help radiologists eliminate unnecessary biopsies done worldwide and increase the accuracy of their diagnoses by augmenting the ultrasound hardware with Artificial Intelligence, which also contributes to reducing healthcare costs and decreasing patients’ stress. The technology is based on a neural network model trained in continuous collaboration with subject-matter experts and some of the best pathologists and radiologists in the industry.

  • Apply a deep learning-based algorithm to bioinformatics
  • Automatically classify thyroid nodules
  • Differentiate between different types of nodules
AI cancer detection

Hands-free laboratory

Conduct 10x more diagnoses by eliminating unnecessary paperwork

The diagnostic process is incredibly time-consuming due to the required paperwork and the need to perform repetitive non-diagnostic tasks. We take advantage of the text-to-speech technology (AI) to create a hands-free laboratory that allows histopathologists to focus on analysis. With fewer distractions and increased automation, doctors can provide more accurate diagnoses much faster, which can be life-saving for millions of patients.

  • Microphone
  • Speech-to-text model
  • Robotic Process Automation keyboard
Digital Health

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Doktor Maciej

Dr. Maciej Środa

Department of Cancer Pathology at the Oncology Institute in Gliwice
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Dr. Łukasz Stokłosa

Jedrzej Sniadecki Special Hospital in Nowy Sącz​

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